Water is one of the most important elements that make up our everyday life. There are many myths related to the best type of water that is required by our body. Some people believe that it is good to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. While most of us are aware if our body is short of water, the theory behind the 8x as suggested is largely lost in logiceness. Our body is constantly acquiring and releasing water, there is also a constant demand on water, we are notkillers so water is an essential element of life.

Pure water daily consists of the minimum of two hydrogen atoms, this is relatively soft and is capable of being absorbed by the body. This type of water is referred to as positive ionized water or mainly H2O. Projections from government health agencies suggests that the adequate amount of water on our body provides an effective pH balance which assists in fat metabolism. Moreover a proportionate amount of water daily is required for our body’s proper functioning, to maintain our optimum body temperature of 35 degrees Celsius. The pH balance ensures that the body is rids of the excess fat. Further the body removes the spectrum of toxins utilized by bacteria in the digestive tracts of the body.

The excess of two hydrogens that contributes to neutralize the body terrain is far more in depth than the bodies own ability to buffer. This excess of hydrogens are also responsible for enabling the smoking of the common cold, surgeries, and offer solace from ulcers. While the majority of the excess water in our body are responsible for the normal functioning of the body, it is the excessive water amounts that cause major problem. Many of the major organs, and all of the glands either in the skin around the mucous membranes or the esophagus as well as the kidneys and the bladder are effected by the excessive water.

Observing ourselves is the first and foremost sign of excess water content in our bodies. Severe thirst is a symptom of water retention in the body. This is sometimes confused with actual dehydration. Symptoms of mild dehydration include stinging of the face and rapid pulse. Symptoms intense dehydration include delirium or unconsciousness,achy beats,otle beats, and hypothermia. Sign and symptoms of severe dehydration are related to nerve functions. Sign and symptoms of mild dehydration get replaced with shock, heat stroke, foamigue, delirium, low blood pressure, is poorly circulation, stptic shock, and severe headache.

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Water retention is that condition of the body which makes the body undergo clots inside the cells and prevents the metabolism and mechanical operations. MesMER invading the body can cause disorders like Joint pain, cavities coughs, hoarseness,ussy bowels and asthma.

The capacity to hold on to water depends on several factors like portion of water required by the body. Subconscious level of water retention is the limit of the human body. While moving or standing the water in the body will concentrate mostly in the stomach. The human lungs will have less ability to expel the water vapor. There are some tips for how to get rid of water retention. Try to incorporate all these tips in your life.