Getting a flat, hard stomach can sometimes end up being frustrating. You know you can do crunches and sit ups but they just don’t build that flat gut. You know you need to do thousands of crunches a day but guess what? You just can’t get those abs. The exercises ball has you covered. Literally. Your belly is a lot smaller than it is on paper but it actually targets the right muscles in your midsection, giving your abs a toned look.

How Can You Do Exercises With The Exercise Ball?

The secret to getting a great midsection starts with the right diet and exercise ball workouts, and ends with your stomach looking like you swallowed a chunk ofvelvetone ice cream.

The Diet

The secret to getting a flat, hard stomach is reducing overall body fat, and most people have natural absorption of fat. So your fat will not be a problem. What you will need to reduce is carbohydrates: sugar, white bread, High Fructose Corn Syrup, sodas, fruit juice and potatoes. Also, your fat intake needs to be less than 30% of your total calories.

The Exercise Ball

The secret to getting a hard midsection starts with the right diet and exercise ball workouts. For workouts, I recommend ball crunches (first ball). Focus on all three muscles in your body: upper chest, lower back and abs. Ball crunches are like traditional abdominal exercises, but you must touch the ball with your hands. It’s kind of like touching the ball with your back hands instead.

Floor Leg Rises

Most of us have a combination of weak muscles in our legs and weakened hips. So when you do floor leg raises (second ball), you need to stretch those weak muscles and strengthen the hips. Then, at the bottom, bring your hips up to a standing point, and hold that position for a slow count of 30 seconds.

One thing that is a little different about how the ball crunches are done. While you are always supposed to go to the floor with your back flat against the ball, I’ve found most people don’t always engage their hips adequately enough. Without meaning to, they have the wrong tone when they do their lower back curls. It’s a little different if you are doing traditional floor leg raises and you’ve never done ball crunches, so be sure to incorporate those back exercises.

The Life of a House

It is so important to incorporate different types of exercise in your workout regime. It is impossible to include all ball crunches, or floor leg raises, in your workout program. In fact, if you are doing traditional floor leg raises, you need to vary the intensity. Not doing them right can lead to injury and a dull workout.

It is easy to overdo the ball crunches or floor leg raises, making them very ineffective and leaving you with a dull workout.

A better exercise ball workout would consist of machine exercises, some of which you can do standing up, and others you can do lying down. machine exercises where you need to move your feet and hips around, stretching the muscles in your lower back, are great for uncovering your abdominals.

It is not just the machine exercises either. It’s the whole body from head to toe, doing pushups, incline jumps and curls, all with the use of weights. It can really make your body perceive that it has been working all along, through various muscle groups and glutes.

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Other Things to Consider

Another aspect to consider is your repetitions. You can do 2-3 sets of 8-10 repetitions a piece, or 2-3 sets of 6-8 repetitions a piece. Just keep adding repetitions up until you complete an workout, which should take maybe 15-25 minutes.

Also, add in the necessity of spot exercising and/or body weight exercises. When doing 2-3 sets of 8-10 repetitions, you need to add 500-1 reps on each set. For 2-3 sets of 6-8 reps, add 100-4 reps.

That is just an outline of a nice, clean workout. There are a number of things that can be added to give you a highly effective workout.


That’s it. It really is that simple. Try it, and get started. Don’t make excuses. It just comes natural.

Have a niceog jogged workout!