Here is a basic rule of thumb on how to play online Texas hold ’em: if you don’t have a good hand, you should fold.

Extract money from the others by folding. This is the foremost tip on how to win at online poker. How many times have you watched a Rules scene in a poker tournament and saw rookie players playing way outside their league? It happened all too often. Instant call and flop, check-raise, and slowplaying. While these moves may work, too often you see these moves while watching a Rules movie. Want to take your game to the next level? How about stick to the Rules.

As in, so many other Rules movies. Let us say, for example, you have pocket Jacks. The flop is Qh-3h-7s. You lead out with a pot sized bet in hopes of getting a quick call. The low hand plays for the minimum with slowplay and the button raises you to four times the blind. Not a bad hand, you think. You call. The turn is a diamond. The river is a seven. You flopped the best hand so far. But, your opponent destroys you with a straight and a flush.

So much for the flop. What about the turn? You bet again. Your opponent still plays for the minimum for his bankroll. A slowplay is common. Take a card short of a full house and slowplay, or a card like a high pair in hopes of making a straight.

Or, if you are in the blind, lead out with a big raise when you hit the board. Your opponent usually calls with a bad hand, especially on the flop, because he knows the cost of the call. It costs him nothing to call and chase down a draw. Take away the turn card as in the above example, and your opponent will most likely call with a bad hand when you hit the river.

The reason to slowplay is to give your opponent the impression that you have a big hand, when in fact, you have a weak hand. Or, to take away the pot when you make your hand, when in reality, you are trying to trap your opponent into thinking that you are weak. Despite his initial betting tendencies, he is in fact trapping you into a big mistake.

Once a player gets a good hand, he is vulnerable. Even great hands can be damaged by inferior cards. One can never really win playing with a great hand. Learn toilt. No limit hold ’em is about outs and implied odds and once you have seen the turn, there are no substitute for observation and lots of experience.

There is also a lot to learn about Vegas88. Position is important, but it is not something to rely on alone. There are also profiling factors and more, involving your opponents tendencies and work on this. Never assume that you know a player’s hole cards; that is a big mistake. There are not that many ways to win at this game. There are many ways to lose, and even though analystsiah kings ensure that the best player wins in the long run, they still lose in the short term. Remember that losing is a part of the game, it’s a part of winning as well.