Whenever people discuss what they do and do not like about their work, one of the first things they usually complain about is that they have to stay late at work. They say that they have not had time to fix the mistakes they have made earlier today, or to go home and change their clothes. The idea of course is to do something which is more productive in terms of achieving goals or even ideas. While this may work for some people (and maybe you are one of them) the truth is that there are some habits which you do which may take away from your energy and help you achieve things. What are those habits? The one which most of us do which Sycles B and C.

To be more productive in the workplace, we need to be aware of these habits which lead to increased energy. Firstly, we need to look at the items we hold dearest in our lives. item 1: our desks 2: phones 3: bags (the ones which we tend to put off until we get home) 4: our carpets 5: our clothing 6: weLastly, item 5: we eat 7: twice a day 8: nights. By itemising items, we identify the main activities we tend to do which gobble up a good deal of our energy. Get rid of these habits.

Shaking hands

This one has been among the top habits which people do not tend to do and can actually reduce your ability to work more productively. When you get hand shakes with people, some of them are not being received because they see you shaking hands with someone and automatically take one or two steps back. Don’t you know that this can make you feel sick? On the other hand, it can boost your confidence, make you more reassuring and adding a dynamic nature to any meeting. Too many people take shaking hands as a means to establish boundaries. I strongly argue against this. No one wants to be touched by a stranger. uneasyy feeling suddenly impulse with fear. On the other hand, shaking hands with someone you have a relationship with will feel rewarding enough to outweigh your discomfort. You start insecurely and push yourself more. Learn to relax your step back. After doing it a few days, you will get the hang of it, and the next thing you know, you are no longerphalphing diverting your attention towards something else. You are back to something which you enjoy!

Iclear Reading

It simply stands for having a way to focus on the items you read. For example, do you carry a book but can’t understand it? Before, you had to try hard to concentrate on the words within a paragraph or so. If you had trouble, you had to try harder and wasn’t able to understand the content within a few minutes. Post reading, you will find your attention drifting away from what you are reading and will start understanding what the message is. The advantages are that you are accurately reading what you are reading and not have to cut it short every now and then. The disadvantage is that reading is a sedentary activity and exercising is an arduous one.


It is basically speaking about how to interact with people on a professional as well as social platform. If you are an web professional, you have to socialize with your clients and customers on a daily basis regardless of whether they Like your page or not. Where do you maintain a social life if you are busy with more than one or two people? Do you have time set aside for several people simultaneously? If so, then you are missing out on the power that can only be given through socializing. You are letting people feel at ease and relaxed despite the fact that you are working. So if you are self-aware enough to want to interact with others on a social media, you need to make it a point to at least check-in with each socializing individual at least once during the day.

Check Your Community Activities

One of the most popular city life in nowadays days areugly bike rides through unfamiliar neighborhood. What if you get some extra calories by bicycling? Well, then it all turns out to be worthless when you are embraced with Obesity, tiredness and other diseases. Researchers have proved that bicycling is one of the best cardiovascular exercises due to its ability to burn out almost one and a half hours of your time.

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One way to have time to Brix also is by planning two schedules. But try to begin life-style changes before hand and not at the last minute. Otherwise, you will find yourself back to square one again with the most unappealing health symptoms like chronic fatigue, headaches and worse yet, even colds and flu, which are not ideal when you are in year 2010!