Well it is already time to roll the dice, so it is time to take this family themed party to the next level. I am talking about playing poker to win instead of playing like a likable loser. I am sure you have seen the ads on the internet and television, where you can come to look cool and sport a slick suit and shades in order to play poker with the cool kids. Well, I have the perfect suited dresser, I have my polished stainless steel shoe shine and I have my roller blind handy.

You see, this event is all about the battle for the poker chips. It is about the thrill of the battle for the poker chips. Always remember the chips are just a piece of a much bigger battle. The battle can be joined in a minute and the poker game can last for all eternity. So what are you waiting for? Be a part of the poker party excitement!

ounting your casino chips and closest buddies is absolutely necessary, but you do not need to be a chip collector. Sure, it would add to the atmosphere, but you and your friends can look cool as you count your chips and then share in the revelry of victory when you are finished.

How can you do this without being a chipologist? How many times have youbowl of fives with a friend and there is only one of the left. It could be an embarrassment to share the winnings, but you only have each other to blame. If you are both chipologists, you can share in the excitement of the battle. Instead of counting your chips, the battle can be played for the fun of it.

nothing says as much as having a sharp, cool-headed poker player at your table. You want people who you can have fun with, who analytically think at the table, rather than people who will be All-in against you at the Poker table. You want someone who is there to kill the poker game, not build it.

This sort of player fits into the last type of poker player I was talking about. This type of person is generally called the “Rock”. These types of poker players are the solid players, usually throughout their entire poker career. These types of players do not Change up their game at the same old venues week after week. They stick to their game and that is what you can expect them to do, as well as you expect them not to make any stupid plays because it will just get them more grief.

The rock has very few weak points in their game. They usually start strong and have a better percentage of winning sessions than the players who squeak by each poker season. Nothing is as clear cut as these criteria, because poker games are like that, you win some and you loose some. But you can tell when a player is the rock at the poker table. Players who have a high VPIP% or a higher percentage of winning sessions are the rock. It is these players that you want to latch onto and ride the wave of.

If you want to ride the wave of the rock then it will take a little bit of shove. The wave will give you a few wins and a lot of losses for as long as you are in the game. You want to be able to ride that wave for a while, before trying to turn the tides to your advantage. Do not be the rock, charge the wave.

Everyone knows mega88 is about betting. When the cards are bad, you bet and when the cards are good, you fold. But, holding firm to your bet and playing conservatively during good times will have you secure enough to ride out the times when you might lose a hand. riding the wave of the poker table is about waiting for the good times and then capitalizing on them. set a goal when you know you are going to win and then ride away. Sometimes the wave is really big and you might get a few of the big hands, but unless you have riding money you are not going to get anywhere.

The wave of the poker table is a patience show. With most games, you either win or lose, $1, $2, $3, $4 and $5 and so on. But with the poker game, you can get into a hand and see the next card for free. the reason you see more expensive cards is the smaller ones are not in the deck and the odds are great you will hit the card you need when you need it.

The rock and a poker aneer are two different persons. Sometimes the poker rocker has lost his entire stack and is not playing again. Sometimes the poker novice has lost his stack and is not playing again. Trying to hold both these sides of the same coin involves a lot of patience. The rock gets bored easily and the poker novice has never played the game.