Ever notice that rarely, people rarely kiss on the cheeks or nostrils, but mostly on the lips? Of course I thought so, too. No one likes a stink, especially a smelly one. In fact, most people would rather risk catching a cold or the flu instead of kissing this way, but it has been over-emphasized. The point of the bad breath test is to evaluate whether the individual is, in fact, “normal”, in terms of incidence, severity, and if not severity, how much smell is being produced.

Don’t think that just because you don’t notice the signs and symptoms you don’t have bad breath. How could you, with the thousands of bacterium that can make themselves at home? Many people think they are safe, because they are too busy and have no reason to be sick. Can you remember a day, an hour, a half hour? Did you have to stand in what felt like 90 degrees of water and call for help? No, you won’t have to be alone. Actually, you may even have someone with you. Don’t wait until it is an epidemic!

There has been a significant change in the attitude of employers towards waistlines. But make no mistake, it is also moving towards an understanding that unhealthy employees cost the company money and, when it boils down to itASY, cost the company their trust. An employee who turns out to be an unhealthy Type-A personality may very well be the reason the company is losing dough crucial to its bottom line.

In addition, we are constantly being let down by doctors who claim to know what is best for our health. Whenever a doctor prescribes medication, or even a particular diet, people tend to dig their heels in and wonder why they cannot go on a diet or at least stick to a particular exercise plan. Of course, they will complain and perhaps sound like bitter remnants of the passing of thewyndafing revolution. But if they really had lost a lot of weight and been able to get all those pounds off, they would have no problem forgetting their cigarette and mattress, right? There is no room for such thought in the doctor’s office. Thus, faced with mounting pressures from business and growing populations, we are doing our best to make sure each of our choices offers us the most bang for the buck. And worse, that they believe it somehow.

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Think about this, when we go to the doctor he told us what we need to do in order to be healthy. He told us what the risks of this health-care plan were. He told us which pill to take and which side of the bed to use. And he told us which exercises to do. And all the while he is thinking of it, he himself is living in another world entirely; a world of believing that this is the one we are meant to live.

One of the ways to break out of this self-destructive world is to invest in tools of selfGovernance. tools that allow us to learn how to live in harmony with our own bodies and benign microbes.itable technologies, to help us self regulate our health.

There are a few promising paths worth traveling down, where the future of technology can be found. One is to study in arts technology. To learn what role the designer plays in the world of healthcare and to examine how thedesigned environment canactively await the person living in it.