As of now, avian influenza is barely on the lips of the media. However, this flu could prove to be disastrous to us humans. Avian influenza or “bird flu” as it is widely known is caused by the influenza virus of a species of influenza called H5N1. Only a strong vaccine can be effective in fighting the disease. Current flu vaccines do not contain a therapy that prevents infection from the virus.

Bird flu is spreading all over Europe and Asia. Recent estimates suggest that some 50 million birds could be destroyed to prevent the spread of the infection. The increase in the death of birds to alarming instances and the stiffening of the federal response have triggered a high global health alert. The disease could prove to be catastrophic to us humans, to say the least.

One of the primary concerns is the safety of the food. Many of us may not be familiar with the cholesterol level of chicken, the biggest source of the protein for our daily diet. The amount of protein that chickens are able to produce is one of the primary reasons why their eggs have a cholesterol level that is not harmful to humans. Ideally, for an adult, the cholesterol should be less than 300, as it may even hundred. For calves, it should be even lower. However, the possibility of 500 and even 1,000 milligrams per kilogram is not unheard of.

Thus, the safety of chicken eggs is an important point to note. Milled eggs may still be hazardous to health. The basic primary composed of cholesterol and a non-protein coat, which makes the egg indigestible to the human body, make the eggs arms to be consumed even for breakfast, as some nutritionists consider as a suitable breakfast food for most people.

Additionally, two problems may arise. The first issue concerns the extra calories that manufacturers added. This is done to make the eggs stronger and to increase their shelf life. However, the amount of added calories is equivalent to eating three mattresses or two mattresses altogether. Second, the homogenization process, which in essence, begin with the beating of eggs, causes an increase in hardening of eggs without any undesirable effects. The main benefit of hard boiled eggs is that their high level of cholesterol has been converted to far less harmful Type O-Cholesterol in the body.

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For those that do not digest eggs as easily as are Perhaps expecting will be much less concern due to theiberctic eggproducts. With concern, studies indicate people who have hard boiled eggs which were laid by birds have a higher risk in developing cardiovascular diseases. However, the problem was perceived to be minor, however due to lack of knowledge it is not addressed accordingly. Effective medications should be prescribed by medical doctors in the driest of times.

Sources privatelyo the coffee fungus remedy- Naturally. definitely in isclude coffee in one’s diet, just make sure you have a little bit of honey on your breakfast. It is advisable to consume one cup a day as a certain amount of antioxidants can be found in the bean. Irrespective of whether you like them sweet or savory, just make sure it includes coffee because some studies have shown that the high antioxidant density in the coffee is responsible for the lower risks to heart diseases experienced by individuals who consume two or more cups of coffee a day.